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I'm professional portrait, people & event photographer. I shoot portraits, wedding and people celebration events for 10 years. I've shot ~100 weddings and created a lot of Love Stories of warmhearted couples. Every time I work with different couple - I see different world of relationship, love and inspiration. I'm honored by people who chooses me to celebrate life together and I am glad to bring something to their story and their lives. 

My Portraits and Sensual Body Art uncovers people in their essence. Every shoot is like a deep journey, slowly diving within, meeting yourself in the flow, revealing femininity and masculinity. It feels magical to see the connection of the soul and body. It is always different, always unique - no words can fully describe it.

I find my inspiration in nature. From endless beaches of Canary Islands to high altitude of Italian Dolomite Alps, from deep forests, to open night skies... Every time I go somewhere - I do at least few photo-shoots, based on destination vibrations and rhythm. I've done jobs in Italy, Austria, Germany, Spain, Norway, UK.

I work everywhere and on any weather - on location and in studio.

If you love the way I see the world - let's get in touch.

Corporate / bussiness projects portfolio:
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